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YOUTH: Spring 2022 Registration & Dues
  • Team Fee is required upon registration and non-refundable.  It includes helmet decals, light/field fees, and  player portion of team expenses such as water/ice. 

  • Uniform Fee Includes 2 game jerseys and 2 game pants.  (Note: pants do not include pads so athletes will need to purchase an integrated padded girdle or 5 piece pad set).

  • Team/Uniform Fee does not include League Fees.  The Leauge Fee will be due prior to the start of the season. 

  • Equipment is the athlete's responsibility and not provided by the organization. Helmet (matte black; black is ok but matte is preferred), shoulder pads, cleats, and mouthpieces are required.  

Select an item ($)

Thanks for your submission! Once registration is confirmed, you will receive a text invitation to join our team communication app within (if not already in one). Welcome to the Southwest Stampede!


Thanks for submitting!

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